NYC Health Benefits Program (Retirees/Prospective Retirees)

Welcome to the Employees Benefits Program Secure File Upload. You can use this service to send documents securely. All transfers are confidential and SSL encrypted.
Once you select the topic below you will be able to enter your information on the next page and to attach your document(s) for submission to the Employee Benefits Program.
Please allow 30-45 days from the day you submit your document(s) for them to be processed.
Coverage will be retroactive to the effective date of retirement.
Please do not submit your forms more than once, as that will only slow down the processing of all forms.

Please note: Employees should contact their agency health benefits/payroll office or
1) NYCAPS Central by Phone (212) 487-0500 or email at nycapscentral@dcas.nyc.gov or HealthBenefits@dcas.nyc.gov or
2) Department of Education employees can contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000 or visit the HR Connect Portal at https://doehrconnect.custhelp.com/app/home, or
3) H + H employees can contact Shared Services at (646) 458-5634 or email:hhcbenefits@nychhc.org

If you are having problems uploading please see the tutorial HERE.

Available Recipients

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